Stand Up…

Peter said, “I don’t have any silver or gold, but I do have something else I can give you. By the power of Jesus Christ from Nazareth – stand up and walk!” 
Acts 3:6

Have you ever been faced with a very difficult situation? You think you know the answer but quickly discover that there’s a totally different solution required. A solution that brings total & complete change to the situation.

Today’s verse describes such a situation. On the way to the temple Peter & John are confronted by a beggar who asks them for money. This man thought that money was the answer to his problem. Peter & John, led by the Holy Spirit, had a solution that had nothing to do with what he asked. They spoke the powerful name of Jesus and told him to stand up and walk out of his situation. Now the man was able to live a normal life again, a life where he didn’t have to beg.

Money would never have accomplished this outcome. Many people are deceived thinking that money is the answer to every problem. Mark 4:19 says that this is the deceitfulness of riches & that it chokes the Word of God in our lives. But the key to living an overcoming life is to remain focused on Jesus. 

This week let’s focus on our Lord & Saviour Jesus. When a situation comes up let’s not throw money at it. Let’s speak the name of Jesus, stand up and walk out of it. We’ll see it change as we’re led in the right direction. We’ll receive just the right answer and it will cause us to walk, jump & praise God just like this beggar man.