“Then Gideon built an altar there to the Lord and called it,
The Lord is Peace.” 
Judges 6:24

Have you ever been to a place that is really peaceful? For some it’s a spot like a lake or a waterfall. For others it’s the ocean, river or forest. It’s a place where our soul can relax and our thoughts become refreshed & renewed without the hustle, bustle and buzz of our busy world intruding. To escape to these places is a precious sanctuary every time.

Today’s verse lets us know that we need a place of peace in our lives. It’s very easy to get immersed in a hectic schedule trying to over-achieve and produce superhuman results. The end of that road is ultimately burnout, a place where no one wants to be.

In most people’s lives peace comes and peace goes. Today’s verse contains a key to help us keep our peace. We’re told to build an altar to God for peace. Now an altar is a place of God’s Presence. It is also a place of offering & sacrifice. It’s a place to honour the Lord by laying things down and giving things up. When we do this, we start to receive His presence & peace into our lives

So, this week lets sacrifice our hectic schedule and make our time an offering to God. Let’s lay aside our feelings of being overwhelmed, overburdened and overcommitted so we can build an altar to the Lord. As we prioritize Him peace will begin to abide in our lives again. As we form our lifestyle around Him, we’ll quickly discover that peace will seldom leave us as our lives become so much more pleasurable.