Blessed Again…

“You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing” 
Psalm 23:5

Have you ever overfilled a glass by mistake? As the liquid makes its way to the brim it seems to effortlessly rise above it and then flood down the sides. The glass becomes so full that it overflows and all the excess is lost.

Today’s verse describes how God’s Blessings operate in our lives. As we keep walking in His ways, following His Word & staying on the paths of righteousness His Blessing are topping us up every day. God is causing us to live a healthy & balanced life by filling us up with them to the very brim. 

The fulness of our blessing is often affected by our “drooping heads” [the difficult times in life]. These are the times where we feel low, inadequate or just plain miserable. These are also the times when God tops us up with blessing and causes them to come right to the brim of our lives where they are noticed.

This week let’s take time to notice how good God is to us as He keeps His Blessings topped up in our lives no matter how we’re feeling. As we begin to notice them, we’re equipping ourselves to enter an amazing future where we’re able to flourish & grow like never before!