“…Greetings to all God’s people scattered over the whole world” 
James 1:1

Often in the largest & busiest cities we discover lots of people who are desperately lonely. Even though they are surrounded by millions of other men & women they still feel isolated. Loneliness is also apparent in smaller towns and villages where people can find it difficult to connect with each other. Loneliness is a real issue in many people’s lives.

This verse from James reminds us that people just like us are scattered over the whole world. God’s people are no longer isolated to a city or group, we’ve been scattered over the entire world. This means that wherever man has ventured, Christianity has ventured there too. Like a farmer who scatters seed for a harvest, God has ensured that we’ve been scattered to every corner of the earth ready for His end-time harvest.

Now, because God’s people are everywhere, we need not struggle with loneliness. We can connect with others more easily because we have Jesus in common. The problem is often that we talk ourselves out of connecting with people. We worry about what they may think, say or do but we should just grab the opportunity and connect with them for Christ’s sake.

This week let’s keep our eyes and ears open and get prepared to connect with someone who is feeling lonely. Instead of thinking about the difficulties that it may present let’s simply do as James did and greet them with a smile and a kind word. Before long we’ll have friends all over the place and be a key part of Gods end-time harvest. Try it… You’ll be glad you did!