Angels Saw A Star…

“The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here to announce a great and joyful event that is meant for everybody, worldwide” 
Luke 2:10

The bible shows us that angels were in the area when Jesus was born. They could have seen the star that showed His birth. Angels had a very unique role to play and a Godly strength that we can learn from. Angels said to go tell the world!

Have you ever shared news with someone not knowing what their reaction might be? They may be happy, angry or uncaring… you just don’t know. Our angels were sharing some world changing news but firstly they had to deal with fear before delivering the good news of Jesus. The key was that they didn’t let fear hold them back.

The news of the birth of our saviour was intended for everyone across the entire world. It wasn’t meant to stay in Bethlehem. It was to be echoed throughout the whole earth to everyone. It was the news that mankind had been waiting to hear. Good news is uncontainable that’s why when people receive good news they’re often busting to tell as many people as they can. 

This Christmas season don’t let fear stop you from sharing the good news of Jesus. There are generations of people who have been waiting to hear it. Why not be the one who shares this with great joy to everyone you meet. It will change their lives and you’ll be so glad you did!