“These are the words in my mouth; these are what I meditate on and pray. Accept them when I place them on the morning altar, O God, my Altar-Rock” 
Psalm 19:14

The New Year is almost upon us and 2021 can be filled with either success or failure. The bible shows us that the difference between the two often comes down to the words we speak. This is because what we say is what we’ll meditate or think on and they’ll become our pray. That’s why we should always try to ensure our words are God’s Word.

Today’s verse explains that the words we speak and what we mediate upon are powerful indicators of where we’ll be in our future. If we talk endlessly about sickness, disease and poverty then that’s where we’ll end up. If we speak God’s Word instead, we’re destined to dwell in a land of goodness & blessing.

To change the words we speak can be difficult but never as difficult as living in the results of speaking wrong words. It’s easy to turn our lives around by changing what we say 1 word at a time. In a short while our lives will be gathering momentum with success and we’ll be so glad we made the effort.

The words we speak right now will help form our year ahead, so let’s make sure we enter 2021 saying what God says about it.  Let’s speak words of hope, future and His plan for our lives. As we meditate on these, they’ll become our pray and form the foundations for a fabulous year ahead. Get ready you can make it 2021 one of the best years ever.