Plant This…

“…Jesus said, “Listen! A farmer went to plant seed.” 
Matthew 13:3

A farmer plants seed in the expectation that he’ll get a harvest. That’s what farmers do! If they don’t plant seed then they’re not farming. If they’re not farming then they’re doing something else. The apostle Paul calls us farmers in 2 Timothy 2 and so as farmers we’re called to plant seed.

Jesus explains a little later in Matthew 13 that the seed is the Word of God – this is what we are meant to be planting into others. We are spiritual farmers who are to plant this into other people. If we’re not doing this then we’re not able to receive the bountiful harvest that’s available for us.

People can often struggle growing in God. The reason why they often experience difficulty is because they lack this one principle… a farmer must plants seed to reap an abundant harvest. If we plant the Word of God into others then we’ll receive an abundant harvest back into our lives. If we hold onto what we know, never sowing it into others, we’ll become spiritually obese and of no help to anyone.

Let’s make this our target in 2021; to plant the Word of God into other people. Jesus had 12 disciples that were close to Him and He planted the Word of God firmly in them. This year we can all find 2 or 3 people to continually sow God’s Word into. When we do this, we’re promised a harvest that’ll cause us to grow in God like never before.