Checkout Your Pantry…

“I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you”
Psalm 119:11

Most people have a pantry or cupboard where they store many of the things they’ll use to create beautiful food and meals. Every now & then we must check our pantry, restocking that which is missing & throwing out that, which is out-of-date or spoiled.

Today’s verse lets us know that we should check our spiritual pantry out regularly. This is our heart, the place where we store God’s Word. Our heart is the very centre of our lives; we’re told that all issues of life flow from it [Proverbs 4:23] and out of its abundance our mouth speaks [Luke 6:45].

Knowing this makes checking our spiritual pantry easy. We just need to look over our lives and then listen to what flows from our mouth. Soon enough we’ll know exactly how our heart is going. If everything is fresh, full of life & faith we know that God’s Word is plentiful in our hearts. If we discover our pantry is empty, out-of-date & rotting with sin then we know it’s time for a clean-out. It’s time to restock our heart with the fresh Word of God.

This week is the time to “Spring Clean” our heart. Let’s take some time and check our heart to ensure that the Word of God is abundant, fresh and vibrant there. When it is, rivers of living waters will flow from our mouths into the lives of everyone we speak with. We’ll be better for it and we’ll cause life to come to others abundantly.