Don’t Redecorate…

“Jesus said “My house will be called a house of prayer” 
Matthew 21:13

Every person’s house is planned & built for a different purpose. Some people like a house built for entertaining, some like open plan whilst others prefer a snug & cosy design. The important thing is that our houses provide us with what is needed for functionality & happiness.

Today’s verse explains what Jesus needs for functionality & happiness in His house. It tells us how He wants His house designed & built so that it can carry out His purpose effectively. Jesus says that His house is to be a House of Prayer. When we pray, we build God’s House!

Would you be highly offended if someone came into your house and re-arranged everything to their own preference? Moving furniture, rehanging pictures and changing paint colour at their whim. Many believers are eager to enter the House of God and add their own agendas & programs. Oftentimes prayer is sacrificed for the latest teaching or course but this is not the way it should be. Prayer is the very structure that makes God’s House His Home.

This week let’s focus on prayer. Rather than looking for the latest “hot” Christian teaching let’s go back to basics and build God’s House the way He said. Prayer builds it and prayer releases happiness & functionality to God’s people. Prayer is one of our most powerful weapons we have and its one of the quickest ways to bring happiness into our lives.