Rising Up…

“The hand of the diligent will rule” 
Proverbs 12:24

I find it intriguing that cream always rises to the top of milk. It creates a layer over the milk and doesn’t easily mix with it. Even when briskly stirred again the cream rapidly rises even though there’s abundantly more milk than cream.

Today’s verse lets us know that the diligent, that is the strong & active, will always rise above the lazy, slack & negligent. James 1:22 says that there are 2 types of people in our world; hearers and doers. The doers of God’s Word will always become the cream that rises above those who only hear and then do nothing. The diligent have the opportunity to reap powerful rewards from God.

So, what rewards awaits those who are strong & active in God? Firstly, we can expect to rule, have dominion & reign. Then Proverbs 10:4 promises that we’ll also become rich, wealthy and prosperous. Simply by doing what we hear in God’s Word then diligently applying it will cause us to rise over those who don’t. This is a biblical truth that is spiritually explosive in the life of a believer.

This week let’s commence a transformation in our lives. Let’s become the cream above the milk by being diligent, strong and active in God’s Word. This will cause us to rise above the abundant number of hearers and allow Proverbs 10:4 to became active in our lives. No matter how briskly stirred life gets, when we hear and do God’s Word we’ll always rise to the top, have dominion and become prosperous through it.