Listen Up…

“God tells us everything over and over – one line at a time, one line at a time, a little here, and a little there!” 
Isaiah 28:10

The foreman is one of the most important people on a job site. They’re in charge of the construction crew and everything that happens. They continually give direction, solving problems as they arise. The foreman ensures that the building is finished as specified within the correct time-frame.

Today’s verse lets us know that God is our master foreman. He tells us everything we need to know again & again. This is so we understand and construct our lives to His specification not our own. The problem is many people stubbornly build their lives without listening to what He says. They end up with a shemozzle and then want to blame everyone else for their failure. They should have simply listened and avoided disaster.

Now, it’s impossible to build the third floor of a house until the ground and second floors are in place. We’re told that God builds one line at a time, line upon line. This is because it’s a fruitless exercise to jump ahead and construct something that has no foundation beneath it; it’s guaranteed to collapse. Many people attempt to build their lives without foundation and out of God’s divine order until their life eventually collapses. If they had taken heed to the Master Foreman’s instructions & obeyed, calamity could easily have be avoided.

Today, let’s yield to God as our master foreman by listening to & doing His Word. He wants to build and extend our lives into new and exciting areas. But remember He’s only going to do it His way, in His time and to His plan – not ours. When He’s finished, we’ll be exactly what He hoped and we’ll be fit to function exactly when He needs us.