Listen Up All…

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls” 
Psalm 42:7

As a child it didn’t matter how noisy the games were that we played when our parents called, we heard their voice. Not only did we hear them, we responded. If we ignored them there was a high chance that we would miss out on something important or not be where we needed to be at that time.

Today’s verse reminds us that God’s voice is continually calling out to us no matter how much racket surrounds our lives. God’s voice will even pierce through the most overpowering distractions. The enemy pours out thundering waterfalls of noise as he tries to distract us from God. But God’s voice still breaks through. We must be listening to hear His voice

Our born-again spirit, deep in us, is always tuned to listen for the voice of God. The deep things of God connect with our spirit and His voice becomes loud in our lives. God’s voice will bring direction, future, plan and hope even when the enemy is set against us. But if we’re not listening, we won’t be able to hear.

This week no matter what breakthrough we’re waiting for, let’s listen for God voice. Let’s take some time aside to listen for His voice of direction in our lives. His voice is louder than any distraction the enemy can bring and it’s easy to discern because of the peace that comes along with it.