Ear Worm…

“Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.”
 Isaiah 12:5

Have you ever listened to a song only to catch yourself humming or singing it unconsciously a short time later? It may have been the catchy tune or the rhyming words that gets inside our head but eventually the song comes out our mouths. It is called an ear worm.

Today’s verse lets us know about the song that we should be singing. It’s the song that the whole world should be singing. It’s a song so catchy & melodic that everyone who hears it will sing it. It’s a song about the glorious things that God has done for us.

Some people sing songs about death, loss or devastation but the redeemed of The Lord sing songs of love, grace and the mighty works of our God. These songs become anthems of victory for our lives. Then as they echo through our relationships everyone we know will be singing this new song. It will tell the world about all the glorious things that God is doing to and through us.

This week let’ start to sing a new song about our lives rather than the dreary ode about the defeats of our past. We can sing a catchy song that’ll get inside the heads of everyone we meet. They’ll soon be joining with us as we glorify God for ALL THE GLORIOUS THINGS HE HAS DONE!