Hidden Habits…

“But this one thing I do”
Philippians 3:13

Most people have a habit. Many habits are unseen. Some habits prove annoying whilst others are helpful. Habits are often birthed from either frustration or the need to efficiently achieve a goal. Not every habit is destructive; some can actually propel us into a brilliant future.

Today’s verse has Paul telling us about a hidden habit that kept him constantly moving forward in life. He says that he simply forgets everything that has happened in his past and then he reaches to stretch forward to his future. The key to doing this is to be aware of, and accept, our present as the stepping-stone to our future.

Today contains everything we need to build a fabulous future. Once we discover that God truly will supply all our present & future needs, we are able to understand the necessity of releasing our past. A blessed future is simply built by releasing our past, accepting our present and using it to construct a blessed tomorrow.

This week let’s start a new habit just like the apostle Paul. Firstly, let’s release our past – no matter how good or how bad it was. Then let’s accept where we are right now so we can use this as a seed to build an amazing future. Then we can reach forward to our future. This may be a bit of a stretch and a little uncomfortable but as we do as Paul did, we’ll receive a brilliant & blessed future that we can truly be excited about.