Echo, Echo, Echo…

“Make God’s glory resound; echo his praises from coast to coast.” 
Isaiah 42:12

As a child I enjoyed visiting Echo Point. Whatever I spoke would bounce back from across the valley. When I yelled really loud the words would rapidly return and I would hear them repeat over & over until they eventually faded away into the distance valleys.

Today’s verse lets us know that the echo is a powerful spiritual weapon. When we use the echo the way God intends it becomes a powerful force that advances His Kingdom and rapidly takes ground back from the enemy. If used in the negative it results in the destructive sin of gossip.

Now, God’s intention is that everyone is to hear the echo of His Glory; that is the echo of everything that He is doing now. He intends us to speak this out & allow it to bounce across the entire nation from coast to coast. The louder we speak the greater and stronger our echo becomes. If we refuse to tell people about what God is doing then our voice can never become an echo and we miss out on the wonderful rewards that it will bring.

This week, let’s see how loud and how often we can talk about the great things that God is doing? As we do, they’ll become firstly an echo to those close by and then, as God plans, an echo to the entire nation.