The Best Choice….

Oh, that you would CHOOSE LIFE, so that you and your descendants might live! 
Deuteronomy 30:19

After looking at the café menu the hardest thing to do is choose from all the options offered. Everything looks great but what should we really choose. What is the healthiest option and what do we really need to eat? Eventually the decision is made and the order is placed.

Today’s verse lets us know about a life choice that we’re offered. We’re told earlier in this verse that we can choose between life or death. Also, we can choose between blessing or curse. What we choose is exactly what we’ll get. That’s why God says CHOOSE LIFE.

God has made this decision process so simple. We’re meant to choose life each & every time that there’s an option. As we do this, we’ll be choosing life and we’ll get the remainder of the promise offered here. That promise is that you & your descendants might live, or in other words, have a life of continued abundance. The problem is many refuse to choose life and they settle into a spiral of death. The only way out of this is to begin to CHOOSE LIFE!

This week let’s CHOOSE LIFE out of every available option. Choose live salad at your café, choose biblical preaching on your TV, speak words of life rather than death. No matter what options you have, choose the one that contains the most life. You’ll soon discover that your life is growing and expanding like never before. Not only that, your descendants will benefit from your decision too. So, praise God today for our ability to CHOOSE LIFE!