Living Words…

If a person thinks that they serve God, and does not control their tongue, deceiving their own heart, this person’s service is worthless. 
James 1:26

The result of a motor vehicle going out of control is devastation. When it’s properly controlled it is of great benefit and service to those travelling in it. Out of control it harms those in it and those around it. It can hurt, kill and destroy very quickly.

Today’s verse tells us about something even more destructive than this. It tells us about our tongue. This includes every word that we speak. People casually let every thought they have escape as words from their mouths. Doing this is not harmless or Godly. It’s actually a bad habit we need to stop.

James 3 tells us that words are behind everything that happens in life. When we understand this, we can ensure that our speech will cause us to prosper in life rather than enter death [Proverbs 18:21]. It is a challenge to make this change but when we do our service becomes valuable to God rather than worthless.

This week let’s continue on our journey to control our tongues by becoming more vigilant with what we say. Let’s consider carefully the words we use. Think of each spoken word as a seed that is going to bear fruit tomorrow. Ask yourself is that really what I want tomorrow to look like? If it’s not then don’t let the words escape your lips. Learn to prophesy your tomorrow by using the life-giving words you speak today.