Don’t Go Bananas…

“When problems of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.” 
James 1:2

Have you ever noticed that problems are like bananas; they turn up in bunches. As soon as we see one, we start seeing them everywhere. At times there seems so many problems that there’s no way out. The truth is that our Bible provides great keys on how to deal with every problem that comes our way.

Today’s verse helps to equip our future to flourish. James says that problems will come our way and there’s no escaping that. He further explains that a problem is only ever a problem if we see it as a problem. If we look at them from God’s point of view, we’ll see them as opportunities that can produce great joy rather than barriers to our future.

In the following verses James shows us that every problem provides us with an opportunity to grow. We may think, “Why do I have so many problems?” without realizing that we’re standing in the greatest place to apply God’s Word, grow & enter into a season of great Joy. But if all we see are the problems, then the problems are all we’ll have.

This week let’s look at every problem that comes our way as an opportunity to grow. Let’s stop seeing our problems as negatives. Rather, let’s take a little time to speak God’s Word to each one and then apply our faith & patience to the situation. Before long we’ll enter a place of great joy and problems will no longer hinder our future or our happiness.