A Great Memory…

“The Lord will remember for you all your offerings and He will accept your burnt sacrifices” 
Psalm 20:3

A great quote & key to life that we discovered many years ago was: “Never forget what God remembers.” Our soul can remember lots of stuff but it remembers certain things better than others. It remembers we should eat when it should be reminding us to exercise. It remembers us of all the betrayals, offenses & hurts rather than the freedom & future God has for us. Our soul remembers a lot but it also forgets many things.

Today’s verse says that God remembers some things for us. We’re told that He remembers ALL OUR OFFERINGS. Reflect on that thought for a moment. How many offerings have we made to God in our life? Well, God remembers every single one, no matter how small or how massive it was. In simple terms He’s keeping account of every single offering for us & for our future.

Whether our offerings were 5 cents or $50,000 God’s seen them, He’s remembered them and He’s multiplying them as a harvest into our future. They’ll be ready for us at the exact time they’re needed even if we’ve forgotten about them. A sad fact is that some believers have never made an offering and this means God has nothing to remember & nothing to multiply back to their lives in a time of need.

This week why not do something that God will remember by making an offering to your local Church, Pastor or ministry. It could be some of your time, finances or even a physical gift to the House of God; His Church. Whatever we do God will see it, He’ll remember it and He’ll multiply it back to our future just like He says He will in His Word.