Stolen Treasures…

A thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy
John 10:10

A thief doesn’t steal something that has no value. The thief always takes the precious things leaving the worthless stuff behind. If an item has any value at all they’ll pick it up, take possession of it with absolutely no intention of ever returning it.

Today’s verse lets us know about the thief. He’s not a robber who steals by force, threat or violence. He’s called a thief & thieves steal secretly without force. Our thief doesn’t want just your worldly wealth he’s in pursuit of everything of value that God has given you both natural & spiritual.

God entrusts us all with great spiritual gifts, vision & dreams that have more eternal value than all the gold, silver & gems that we could gather. The thief tries to secretly steal, kill & destroy them so that the work of the God doesn’t progress here on earth. Many times, he’s successful because our eyes tend to focus on the gold & silver rather than on the true gems of God’s Kingdom.

This week let’s be watchful for the thief. If our God dream is in his sights then let’s guard it. If our spiritual gifts are being attacked lets not allow them to die. Don’t allow the God given to be destroyed. As we are vigilant & on guard the thief cannot enter and so he’s unable to steal, kill or destroy from us any longer. We can take the God treasures in our life & build our God future.