Held Together…

Jesus is before all things, and IN HIM all things hold together
Colossians 1:17

Have you ever been holding onto so many things that it feels like every arm, hand, finger and toe has something hooked onto it? If you were to move even an inch calamity would happen, something would drop and you’d be unable to pick it up again without dropping everything else. Some people’s lives are like this but it’s not God’s way.

Today’s verse reminds us that Jesus can and will help us hold everything together. He’s concerned about us and wants to cause our lives to flourish and prosper in Him. But it takes doing things His way rather than doing them our way. When we do things God’s way everything holds together.

Sometimes no matter how we look at a situation it appears guaranteed to fall apart. This is when we must open up God’s Word the Bible, find His solution & answer and then follow what it says. Rather than daily calamities we’ll start experiencing constant victories as Jesus holds everything together.

This week let’s refuse to accept defeat. Even when a problem looks broken or unbeatable let’s take God’s Word and do what it says. Let’s lay down our own ideas, agenda & ego and pick up God’s way to do it. Allow Jesus to get right in the middle, hold it all together and cause victory to appear. This week let’s make a decision to move away from life’s calamities and into God’s abundant life.