True Rest…

Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest
Matthew 11:28

For children the cake shop used to hold an endless fascination. The aroma of freshly baked pastry attracted everyone. Standing outside staring at all those delicious creations on the other side of the glass would tempt the appetite. Every delicacy could be seen but not tasted. The only way to have them was to enter the store and get them.

In today’s verse Jesus tells us about true rest. Many people need it and want it but so many are unable to get it. They stand like kids at the cake shop window, desiring rest so desperately but never getting it. The truth is if we’re weary & burdened Jesus has rest available for us today, so come on in and get it!

The key to receiving true rest is to simply come to Jesus. This means altering our life’s direction to follow His way of doing things. Just like entering the doors of the cake shop to get a pastry we must come to only Jesus to get rest rather than trying to do it in our own strength. There’s no limit, exclusion or denial to this rest. It’s available to everyone who does things Jesus’ way. Its cost is absolutely nothing more than our obedience.

This week, no matter what is burdening or making you weary, the Bible has a way to accomplish it that will produce rest. Let’s make a decision to adjust our way of doing things to His way of doing them. Then the weary will become strong, the burdened will be lightened and true rest will be given to us!