Starter’s Gun…

…nevertheless at your word I will…
Luke 5:5

As the race began at school the teacher would shout, “On your mark, get ready, go!” This meant to move to the starting point, get ready to move, then run. If we weren’t at the right place and prepared, we would run too early or late and not produce the best result. Success involved both listening & obedience to what was spoken.

Today’s verse includes both listening & obedience. Simon says that no matter what is happening [or has happened in the past], as soon as God speaks he’s going to obey. Circumstances, surroundings and opinions don’t enter in. As soon as God spoke Simon was ready to go.

There are many things that attempt to steal our focus from obeying God. People, media & wrong thought patterns are just a few. Disobedience turns what should be a brilliant victory into a foolish disaster. Always remember that God’s instructions are never wrong and it’s usually our lack of focus and obedience that causes dismal failure.

This week let’s be like Simon and prepare to enter a new realm of success. Let’s forget about the past, release any thinking that opposes God’s Word and then get ready to quickly obey what God says “Go”. Foolish disasters and dismal failure will fade away as we listen to and quickly obey God. We’ll step forward into a brilliant future that advances with every great decision that we make.