What’s In Your Bag?

And God has placed in the Church…
1 Corinthians 12:28

In 1st Samuel 17 we are told about a young boy named David. He took 5 stones from a brook and placed them in his shepherd’s bag. He later took a single stone from this bag to kill a giant named Goliath. If there had been nothing in his bag Goliath would have triumphed. But 1 stone in David’s sling killed a giant that was tormenting a whole nation.

Today’s verse lets us know that God has armed us with weapons for victory. They’ve been placed in our shepherds’ bag, which is His Church. He has specifically located them there so when a giant problem presents itself, we’ve got just the right stuff to conquer it. God has placed in the shepherd’s bag, the Church Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Miracle Workers, Healers, Helpers, Organizers & Diversities of tongues [1 Corinthians 12:28]

So, no matter what giants stand before us, threatening to kill us, God has already placed gifts in the church that we should use. God provided them for our victory. Many believers carelessly disregard how necessary these gifts are to winning so they never access God’s gifts and they seldom ever walk in victory. God placed these gifts in His Church before we needed them so we can win daily.

This week connect afresh to your local church. It may not seem perfect but it is the shepherds’ bag that contains the gifts that we need to have victory over every giant problem we face. Access these gifts in your Church and not only will you have victory over your problems but you’ll also be solving problems for the whole nation.