The Greatest Day…

One day spent in your house, this beautiful place of worship, beats thousands spent on Greek island beaches
Psalm 84:10

Everybody has a dream vocation location. It may be the ski slopes of Aspen, the historical sights of Europe or even a tropical Island getaway surrounded by white sandy beaches. Many people plan their whole life to just “one day” be able to fulfill this dream. When they do, their short holiday often proves to be everything it promised and frequently a whole lot more.

Today’s verse lets us know about a place that’s better than anything we could dream up. It’s a place we can go to anytime we want and it’ll far exceed our greatest dreams & desires. It’s a place where spending a single day refreshes us for thousands of days ahead. It’s a place of immense beauty. One that we don’t need to travel far to reach and one that doesn’t take all our hard-earned cash to get to.

The place we’re talking about is the House of God, His Church, during true worship. It’s a time when everybody’s focus is not on each other or their problems; it’s fully on God. This place is more refreshing than a beach getaway and it’ll create memories that will far outlive any snapshot we’d take on a vocation. Some believers don’t experience it because they don’t go to Church to worship in truth [John 4:24].

This week let’s take a refreshing break from all the pressure & pain that often surrounds us. Let’s make our way to our local church, there’s always one close by. Turn up for the next service just for God and not for other people’s thoughts & opinions. As the worship time starts close your eyes & truly worship God for who He is. As all the pressure & pain fades away in God’s presence allow His refreshing to enter your life – it will beat thousands of days spent on Greek Island beaches.