Big Thinker…

Make your tents large, spread out! Think BIG!
Isaiah 54:2

Have you ever watched how much food some people serve themselves at a smorgasbord? They’re in a place of abundant resources that has very few limits. They pile up their plates returning as often & as frequently as they can. They aren’t thinking small at the smorgasbord, they’re thinking BIG!

Today’s verse lets us know that we should be thinking BIG in life. We are to make large tents. A tent represents what we inhabit & what we surround our lives with. We’re told our lives should be large not small. Continuing on we’re instructed to spread out & think even bigger. Many believers rob themselves of what God has because they continue to think small. When we think BIG, we get BIG results

It’s possible for us to be in a place of great prosperity and still be living in a small tent of poverty or be in a place of total freedom and live in a small cage of bondage. The Bible says to live large, spread out & think BIG! That’s how God wants us to live and how Paul explained life in 2 Corinthians 6:11-13.

This week let’s make our lives large. Let’s spread out and think Big! If you feel like your life is fenced in & small then discover how to live an open & expansively one through God’s Word – the Bible. Do what it says and it will equip & strengthen you for the future. It will also help you to think big thoughts, nurture them and then think even bigger in the future.