A Great Help…

The Father is sending A GREAT HELPER The Holy Spirit
John 14:26

Have you ever been caught in a situation that’s difficult, hard or almost impossible to get through? That’s when we need to call for “HELP!” When someone helps us, we access all of their skills, services & resources. If we don’t ask for help, we may discover that failure is a very real possibility. God never wants us to fail; He wants us to succeed in every area of life

This week’s verse lets us know that God has already sent us a GREAT HELPER. He is one who will contribute his skills, services & resources just to see us succeed in our future. This helper is the Holy Spirit. God sent him to help us & He is with us right now. He is for us; He’s not leaving us and He’s ready to assist. All we have to do is ask.

The Holy Spirit is an expert in life. Whenever we ask the Holy Spirit to help us, he does. When we follow what He tells us, our future is filled with success and joy. That’s why the Holy Spirit wants to help; so that our future will become better.

This week let’s not keep being independent. Let’s ask A GREAT HELPER, the Holy Spirit, to HELP us instead. He’ll bring all his skills, services & resources to our life. The Bible informs, equips & strengthens us with knowledge about the Holy Spirit. Use your Bible to help you know the Holy Spirit like you’ve never known Him before and He will help lead you towards an amazing future.