Follow Me…

Jesus said, “Follow me.”
Luke 9:59, Matthew 8:22, Matthew 9:9, Mark 2:14, Luke, John 1:43, John 21:19 & 22

Have you ever taken a journey along a scenic road with a group of friends? Afterwards you reminisce & talk about the highlights seen. Everybody has a different account & a different experience. Something’s you saw others might have missed. Something’s they enjoyed, you didn’t. Everybody has arrived at the destination but everyone has had a different and unique journey.

Today’s verse invites us on the greatest journey of our lives. Many reading this encouragement have already begun following Jesus on this journey but some have become confused. Confusion happens when we start comparing our journey experiences with others before we’ve reached the destination. The truth is we’re all heading to the same goal but everyone will have different experiences along life’s road.

Jesus instructed us to simply “follow Him” not to be Him. We are no one’s saviour but we can lead others to Jesus. We can’t carry others burdens but we know Jesus can. We are no one’s answer but we have the answer in Him. As we travel along life’s road following Jesus it’s our role to simply connect others to Him whilst we continue moving towards our destination with Him.

This week let’s shake of comparisons & disappointments. Let’s accept the fact that we’re on an individual and unique journey with Jesus. Our journey may be different from everybody else’s but remember that the one and only Jesus is leading and guiding us every step of the way. When Jesus called you out saying, “Follow me” and you responded “Yes!” you started the greatest & most exhilarating journey of your life – so why not enjoy the journey!