Always With Us…

…and they will call him Immanuel
Matthew 1:23

Everybody is known by his or her name. It’s what we’re usually addressed by and when someone calls our out name we respond. Our name is unique and can even give access to places & things that others might not have. Our name has legal weight and is used in letters, notes and documents that are for our examination. Everyone has a unique name and every name is known by God [Isaiah 43:1].

Today’s verse lets us know about a very special name that appears in the Bible just 3 times. It’s the Hebrew name Immanuel which means “God with us”. This name had been prophesied and called out in the bible for over 700 years and then Jesus was born. Jesus fulfilled the prophecies that were called out. Ever since, God hasn’t been far off, He has been with us. This is the truth we live in even if our lives fall short of the promise.

You and I have Immanuel, the one and only true living God, with us right now. Jesus said He’d remain with us even to the very end of the age [Matthew 28:20]. So, it doesn’t matter who hurt us, what happened or where we are. We’re never alone. We’re never helpless. We’re never orphaned. God is with us & He will turn every situation around for His good [Romans 8:28].

This week why not stop being anxious about life, relationships & tomorrow [Matthew 6:24]. Continually remind yourself that GOD IS WITH YOU. All life’s problems can’t conquer you [Romans 8:31] because God ensures that you will overcome and have victory. That’s God’s Plan, Jesus’ purpose and our hope. We’re set up for a fabulous life ahead if we don’t forget the promise or yield to the pressure of life’s storms.