Find Your Star…

Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star as it rose, and we have come to worship him
Matthew 2:2

Hundreds if not tens of thousands of people saw the Christmas star. To most people it was simply just another light. It was worth a glance and perhaps a comment but that was all. To the 3 wise men it was a divine sign. They saw the star as significant. It was a God ordained symbol that would lead them to Jesus their King.

Today’s verse lets us know that these wise men went into instant action as soon as they saw the star. They’d been actively looking for & seeking what God was doing and now they had a celestial body to guide them on their journey. Others including Herod’s religious leaders didn’t even notice the star and they were oblivious to what God was doing.

It’s vital that no matter what’s happening or how busy our lives seem, we need to keep focusing on God and what He is doing. He promises to lead us and guide us [John 16:13] but if we’re not seeking Him, we’ll be blind to his purpose and plan just like Herod’s religious leaders. But when we seek Him, we will find Him [Jeremiah 29:13] just like our 3 wise men.

This week rather than waiting for God to show up & announce Himself in your circumstances why not actively seek Him out. Get into His Word: The Bible & be on the lookout for what He’s about to do. Be prepared to respond instantly just like our wise men. As we do, we’ll be heading off on a new journey in God together that’ll take us to the answers we need to overcome whatever stands before us. Then we’ll worship Jesus together on a whole new level!