Dream Thieves…

A thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy
John 10:10

A thief is someone who takes things without us even being aware. There’s no threat with weapons & violence and we’re hardly conscious to the thief’s actions until he’s gone. On the other hand, a robber usually comes face to face with us. They take things by threat and violence. It’s easy to be aware when a robber takes things whereas a thief can be long gone with his spoils before we’ve realized.

Today’s verse tells us more about a thief. It says that they come to steal, kill and destroy from every believer. The thief wants to do this without us even being aware. He wants to be long gone before we’ve realized what he’s been up to. He doesn’t want us to keep anything of value. He would rather destroy it than let us keep it. God on the other hand wants us to experience abundant life without the actions of the thief.

God often gives us dreams that help build our faith for the future. Our dreams are one of the rich places that the thief wants to do his work. He’s eager to steal, kill & destroy them before our faith has time to become abundant upon them. The thief can often grab our dreams before we’re even aware of their value. We should always keep our dreams close and never allow entry by the thief to them.

This week, let’s secure the dreams that God has given us. Let’s ensure that they’re not taken from us. Let’s use them to start building our faith for our future. If thieves arrive let’s use God’s Word to dispense with them quickly and then continue building our faith. This will help us on the road to an abundant life. The life God planned for us. The life He has desired us to live.