Let yourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped by God’s life
1 Peter1:15

In a game of tug-a-war it’s not always the strongest side that wins. Tug-a-war is as much about strategy as it is about strength. In the game each team gathers on their respective sides, tension the rope and pull. With sure footing, endurance and proven tactics the winners are the ones who perform the best.

Today’s verse reminds us that the team we’re on, God’s team, gives us what we need to perform the best. We’ve got sure footing [1 Corinthians 3:11], endurance [Matthew 24:13] and proven tactics [Psalm 18:30]. When we’re in a battle these things will cause us to win. They’ll leave us with a victorious life that is shaped like God’s. But if we don’t allow God’s Word to pull & shape us, we’ll lose the victorious life we’re meant to live.

These days losing focus of a Godly life is easy. The world barrages us with images, voices and a culture that tries to influence us into an ungodly life. This verse is a reminder that God’s life has an even stronger pull. But we must let ourselves be pulled & shaped by it. This will take continual decisions based on our sure footing [1 Corinthians 3:11], endurance [Matthew 24:13] and proven tactics [Psalm 18:30].

This week lets decide afresh that God’s way is the only way to live a victorious life. When we’re in a tug-a-war that’s trying to drag us away from Him lets stand firm, endure and use His promises to pull us into His way of living. Before long the battle will be over, the victory will be ours and the future will seem so much better than the past. We’ll be pulled into a life that’s energetic and blazing with holiness.