Future Proof…

For no word from God will ever fail
Luke 1:37

Words are an extremely powerful & creative force [Proverbs 18:21]. Each day people allow words to stream from their mouths oftentimes unhindered and unchecked. Every word that we hear leaves us with a choice to either accept or disregard it. The words we don’t disregard are the ones that fashion and form our future.

Today’s verse lets us know that when we receive God’s Word it never fails to produce abundantly good fruit in our lives. God’s Word produces success, future & hope in every situation. Even if it seems impossible, when we allow God’s Word to enter, things begin to move & change. But we must receive His Word to obtain its benefits [1 Thessalonians 2:13].

People will often speak encouraging words to each other. Other times the words shared are harmful and destructive. We must refuse to accept the wrong words and replace them with what God’s Word says. GOD’S WORD WILL NEVER FAIL US! Whenever we accept what God says we’ll get Godly results. These results will transform & renew every part of our lives.

This week let’s take a moment to refuse the harmful & destructive words that have been spoken to us. Let’s take God’s Word and replace the bad words with what He says. Let’s allow the “Word that never fails” to transform us towards a flourishing future. It’s a future that’s filled with God’s purpose & plan. It’s a future where the impossible changes into the possible. It’s the future we want, so let’s do it.