A Daring Venture…

And Jesus went a little further…
Matthew 26:39

It’s said that the biggest risk is not taking any risk. For some people risk may be repairing & restoring a broken relationship. For others it could be achieving academia or entering a new career. Risk always includes attempting something seemingly unachievable and doing all we can to make it succeed. If we never risk, we’ll seldom receive what our future demands.

Today’s verse lets us know about a risk that Jesus took. When His life was in turmoil, He entered the Garden of Gethsemane and went a little further than His 3 disciples. The risk He took seemed small. It was however a greater step than all those with Him were willing to take. God’s Word safeguarded Jesus’ risk and it produced great fruit for everyone eternally.

Whenever we risk going a little further, by stepping out in God, we always take a gigantic step forward in the realm of the Spirit. Doing this often makes life a little less convenient & a little more uncomfortable but it brings forth much greater success in our future. The problem is too few believers ever risk pressing further into God. For those who do the rewards are evident & enjoyed.

This week let’s decide to go a little further in God. It’s time to take the risk and step forward into our God dreams. Don’t just sit sleeping at the gates to Gethsemane like the disciples. Instead step into the challenge of going a little further. Take a risk rather than settling for the comfortable & the easy. Obey God’s Word and it’ll transform your family’s future for generations.