The Brightest Love…

None of this fazes us because Jesus loves us
Romans 8:37

Have you ever experienced a solar eclipse? For the shortest time the moon passes in front of the sun totally blocking it’s light. In these moments everything seems dark, cold & indistinguishable. Within a few moments the sun reappears and the eclipse is gone. The returning light makes everything seem bright, brilliant and seeable again.

Today’s verse lets us know about the love Jesus has for us. The Apostle Paul explains that this love is so bright that nothing can overwhelm or eclipse it. A cacophony of things that may try [Romans 8:31-38] but we’re told that none of them should faze us. We have the bright, brilliant & seeable love of Jesus shining on us continually.

The love that Jesus has for us causes an overwhelming & triumphantly victory in our lives. Every time the enemy tries to eclipse and faze us God’s love outshines him. Every time the enemy plans to destroy us God’s love brilliantly exposes him. God wants us to walk in victory every day. That’s why we must walk in the inseparable love that God has for us.

This week let’s take a stand and allow nothing to faze us. Let’s ensure that whatever comes our way is outshone by the love Jesus has for us. Let ensure that every plan of destruction is exposed and every attempt to darken us will cause His brilliance to shine brighter. As we do this God’s love will ensure that darkness cannot overcome us [John 1:5] and our future will be very bright indeed.