Who Chose What?

“You didn’t choose me. I chose you.”
John 15:16

Has someone ever taken credit for something you’ve accomplished? This has happened to everyone & it never feels good. We feel robbed, cheated and undervalued. If it occurred through a mistake or a misunderstanding it’s easily put right. When credit is given, where credit is due, everything is restored to how it should be.

Today’s verse lets us know how easy it is to take credit for what belongs to God. We didn’t choose God; He chose us. He gave us our gifts, skills and talents. Whenever we’re experiencing success, we must remember & give credit to Him. He chose us, equipped us and led us to that victory, not the other way around.

As we acknowledge God the next part of our verse takes over. It says, “I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit” That’s right, when we give credit to Him; we become equipped & enabled to live a productive & prosperous life. This means the parts of our life we enjoy won’t disappear in an hour, a day or a month. They will follow us through each season & be noticed by others. Our fruit will help them discover the same life that’s driven by thankfulness.

This week let’s start getting it right. Let’s stop taking credit for what God does in & through us. Let’s acknowledge Him in everything [Colossians 3:17]. Let’s allow our gifts, skills & talents to flourish in our family, Church & workplace. Let’s start producing lasting fruit in each of these places as well. In no time at all, things that were damaged, broken & lost will start to be restored. They will return to how they should be and we’ll be journeying through a productive & prosperous life again.