God called to him…
Moses said, “Yes? I’m right here!”
Exodus 3:4

A conversation is a 2 way street. Through conversation we exchange sentiments, observations, opinions & ideas. Without it we become uneasy, frustrated & distant from each other. Without conversation ideas easily evolve that are radical, unruly and wrongly focused. Conversation is God’s way of moving forward & building a better future.

Today’s verse is the start of Moses conversation with God. The bible records many people’s conversations with God including Samuel [1 Samuel 3] and Abraham [Genesis 18:22-26]. God conversations equip us to move forward & build a solid future His way rather than our own. God conversations result in future, hope & vision.

It’s easy to start a conversation with God or with anyone. It simply needs a “Hey… let’s talk…” This opens the doors of exchange. These doors allow ideas, opinions & sentiments to be shared. Views can be expressed. Thoughts can be grown. Conversation allows vision & forward thinking to increase. When we include God in our conversations the doors of future opportunity open wide and allow us to enter in.

This week let’s make time to have some healthy conversations. Firstly let’s make time to converse with God like Moses, Samuel & Abraham did. Be open, be honest and be real with Him. Don’t do all the talking, take time to be quiet & listen to what He has to say in reply. Then take these God talks and open the doors of conversation with others. Remember conversation is a 2 way street… so allow others to express themselves as well. We’ll soon discover that conversation not only no builds our future it also cause others to flourish at the same time.