Follow The Light…

“I am the light of the world.
No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness.
I provide plenty of light to live in.”
John 8:12

Have you ever stumbled around in the night looking for a light switch? It’s hard not to bang & bump into things that can’t be seen. It’s very difficult to remember exactly where everything is and so much noise is produced that everyone is woken up. If only there was a small amount of light things would become so much easier. Once we have some light things becomes visible and are easily found. Peace & tranquility return quickly.

This week’s verse lets us know the value of having true light in our lives. Jesus reminds us that He is this light to everyone. Without Jesus people will clumsily stumble around in darkness trying to find their own way through life. With Jesus we’re guaranteed there’s no stumbling, no darkness & plenty of light. Following Jesus means we can live our lives His way: productive, purposeful and with peace & tranquility.

There is plenty of light for our lives when we follow Jesus. There are no dark places where His light cannot shine & overcome [John 1:5]. His light never leaves or abandons us [Hebrews 13:5]. His light shines through our lives causing others to glorify God in Heaven [Matthew 5:16].

So, this week lets not stumble around in darkness. Let’s take this powerful promise from Jesus & enter fully into His Life of true light. By following Him & what He says in His Word, we’ll become sure-footed & stable. Our future will be visible. The road ahead will become more productive & purposeful filling up with His peace & tranquility.

No Eclipse…

“None of this fazes us because Jesus loves us”
Romans 8:37

Have you ever experienced a solar eclipse? For the shortest time the moon passes in front of the sun totally blocking it’s light. In these moments everything seems dark, cold & indistinguishable. Within a few moments the sun reappears and the eclipse is gone. The returning light makes everything seem bright, brilliant and seeable again.

Todays verse lets us know about the love Jesus has for us. The Apostle Paul explains that this love is so bright that nothing can overwhelm or eclipse it. A cacophony of things that may try surround our verse [Romans 8:31-38] but we’re told that none of it should faze us. We have the bright, brilliant & seeable love of Jesus shining on us continually.

The love that Jesus has for us causes an overwhelming & triumphantly victory in our lives. Every time the enemy tries to eclipse and faze us God’s love outshines him. Every time the enemy plans to destroy us God’s love brilliantly exposes him. God wants us to walk in victory every day. That’s why we must walk in the inseparable love that God has for us.

This week lets take a stand and allow nothing to faze us. Lets ensure that whatever comes our way is outshone by the love Jesus has for us. Let ensure that every plan of destruction is exposed and every attempt to darken us will cause His brilliance to shine brighter. As we do this God’s love will ensure that darkness cannot overcome us [John 1:5] and our future will be very bright indeed.


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it”John 1:5

Have you ever experienced a trick candle on a birthday cake? Every time an attempt is made to blow it out it flickers back to life. Even if we try blowing from every conceivable angle the candle continues to burn brightly and consistently. No matter what we try we cannot extinguish it – it is inextinguishable.

Today’s verse comes from the book of John. John chapter 1 tells us that Jesus is God and Jesus’ life is the light of all mankind. It says that Jesus is here and He is totally inextinguishable. In other words Jesus cannot be stopped, slowed or extinguished by society and it’s militant agendas. No one can ever put out this light. It’s a light that will continue shining into even the darkest places. It’s a light that lets mankind know that there’s life, light & love available to every person.

As born again believers we’re warned in Mark 5:15 to never hide this light, which is Jesus. We’re to allow it to shine to everyone around us. People should easily see through us the life, light & love that is available to them. No matter what they say, do or how they react let’s not allow them to quench our light. Instead let’s allow it to shine even brighter and shine further than it has ever shone before.

This week is the week before Easter. This is a great time to ensure our light shines brightly. Let’s make our life, light & love a gift to others as we celebrate the death & powerful resurrection of Jesus. Let’s help our friends & families by bringing light into their darkness. Jesus will shine brightly in their lives bringing His life, light & love. Before we know it they’ll be alight and shining the inextinguishable life of Jesus too.

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Excuse me…

Philippians 2:3 “Don’t push your way to the front; don’t sweet-talk your way to the top. Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead.”

Have you ever shopped and been confronted by a pushy sales person. No matter what you look at they’ll flatter and tell you how good it would be for you. The bottom line is they seldom believe what they’re saying; they selfishly want you to buy the item. Some people will say and do anything simply to get a result. But that’s not God’s way.

Today our verse reveals how success really works. It says that we shouldn’t push and sweet-talk others to get things. Rather, we should lay our needs aside in order to help others succeed.  Doing this will enable their future to flourish as well as our own.

In John 15 the bible says that we show greater love by laying down our lives for a friend. Why even bother trying to manipulate and flatter when helping someone will produce the best result. It will ensure their success as well as our own. This is God’s way to the future.

This week let’s help someone else get ahead. Let’s give them a leg up and a step forward by causing them to succeed. It may be a friend, colleague or even a stranger. As we show them greater love, by putting them first, they’ll experience success. At the same time we’ll experience the joy, satisfaction and rewards of living life God’s way.