Help Me Jesus…

“The Son did not come to HELP angels; he came to HELP the descendants of Abraham.”
Hebrews 2:16

Have you ever needed HELP? A day seldom passes where we don’t.  Getting help is simply a requirement in life. Everybody needs HELP & everyone will need it time and again. So where should we go to get our HELP?

Today’s verse reminds us where we’re meant to turn to get our help. We’re told Jesus came to HELP us therefore Jesus is our HELP. Jesus could have come to HELP angels, but he didn’t. Angels like Michael and Gabriel get HELP from elsewhere. We get our HELP directly from Jesus.

Every part of Jesus has been created & formed to help us…

  • The Name of Jesus [Philippians 2:10] helps us
  • The Blood of Jesus [Revelations 12:11] helps us
  • The Word of God [Ephesians 6:17] helps us

This week let’s focus on getting our HELP directly from Jesus. Let’s go to Him every day, every hour or every minute if we need. Jesus is always eager & ready to HELP. We’ll never exhaust the supply of HELP that He has for us! So find a quiet place to connect with Jesus in prayer today. Always remembering Jesus came to HELP us, He wants to HELP us and He’s ready to HELP us right now.