Exodus 3:14

Sometimes people make claims & promises that they’re unable or unwilling to live up to. Some people make offers that seem too good to be true which usually fail. Others, out of the goodness of their hearts, try to please but are unable to always follow through. These are a few of the reasons why Psalm 118:8 says it’s better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.

Today’s verse lets us know why it is better to have the Lord as our shelter. God explained to Moses that He is the answer to every problem that exists. Whenever we say, “I need” God replies, “I AM the answer”. If something is outside of our ability then God promises to undertake when we ask Him. So, whether we’re looking at a mountain before us, or a valley underneath us, God will always produce the bridge that’ll get us into our future.

Some days look to us like they’re impossible to gain victory in. But when we realize that we’re unable, we must remember that God is able & that we should be finding refuge in Him. When we’re in Him He becomes the solution, answer, supply. He becomes the I AM that we need. Our impossible victories become possible as He undertakes with us.

This week let’s find OUR REFUGE IN HIM. Even if we’re looking at seemingly impossible circumstances or situations, let’s give it to the great I AM. Let’s allow Him to answer those things that we are incapable of answering. Let’s allow His strength to conquer & His Word to be victorious over every area of our lives. Let’s give it to the Lord & let Him do what He does best.

Not Everything Changes…

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever
Hebrews 13:8

Everything seems to be changing. Many of our favourite brands seem to be disappearing daily at the market whilst our technology seems to need updating constantly. There’s a continual stream of announcements about changed rules & rulers, everything seems insecure. With all these changes we must find stability.

Today’s verse lets us know that the only stability in life comes from Jesus. He is the same yesterday & today & forever. Without Jesus we’d be swept into a maelstrom of change that would seem unbearable & unliveable. The anchor of our lives must be Jesus. He is unchangeable so that we can have stability & peace on our journey forward.

This doesn’t mean that we should let our lives stagnate. We must always be open and ready for change to happen. When things do change we must look to Jesus to find stability in the change. Even when life seems chaotic or out of control, Jesus is always our stability. He gives us continuity & opportunity for our future. Jesus is stable, the same yesterday & today & forever!

This week let’s find our stability in Jesus. No matter what storm or unsteadiness comes our way let’s make Jesus our strong foundation [1 Corinthians 3:11]. Let’s build our lives His way so that they’re stable. Let’s live our lives His way so that they’re steady. Let’s keep holding onto His promises so we’re able to enter a great future that’s filled with hope & joy


In ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths
Proverbs 3:6

Have you ever been around someone who is unthankful to God? Every good thing that happens in their life is excused as fate, good luck or is simply dispelled as chance. As their life winds down into further chaos you ask yourself how far down will they go until they hit rock bottom [Luke 15:17]. When will they realize that every good & perfect thing comes only from God our Father [James 1:17].

Today’s verse lets us know the power of recognizing God’s work in our lives. We’re told that as we acknowledge Him our paths are made straight. No longer do we wind along roads filled with complicated twists & turns. No longer do we trudge through life trying to see our destination. We have straight paths & clear vision to our future.

Now, everything in life doesn’t look like God’s plan at first glance. But, if we’re doing things His way, acknowledging Him, and walking uprightly [Psalm 84:11] we’re ensured that everything will work out. There will be celebration & joy [Psalm 30:11] where others experience pain, sadness & distress.

This week let’s acknowledge the working of God in ALL WE DO, no more excuses! It doesn’t matter whether things currently seem successful or not let’s acknowledge Him in each & every little thing knowing He has the power to turn them around for our good [Romans 8:28]. Then, before long, we’ll discover our paths to the future are straight, clear and easy to follow.

Don’t Get Stuck…

Jesus said “I am THE WAY and the truth and the life…
John 14:6

Have you ever been traveling to a destination only to accidently turn down a road or lane that was a dead-end? There’s absolutely no way forward. Remaining there would mean never reaching your destination. The only solution is to reverse out and continue along the right route. Before long the destination is safely reached.

Today’s verse lets us know God’s way of reaching every destination in life. We’re told that Jesus is THE WAY. He is THE WAY to the father and when we follow Him, we have victory. He is THE WAY around every dead end that is placed before us. Whenever we do things God’s way, by following Jesus, we have success.

When a situation, difficulty or hindrance attempts to stop us, Jesus has a way around it. There are no alternative or better ways than Jesus. His way is THE WAY to victory. Whenever we find ourselves parked in a dead end place, we must back up to the last thing God clearly spoke to us. Then, recalculate our future from that point by following Jesus all the way to the Father & victory.

This week let’s not allow anything to stop us or slow us down. Let’s get a good hold on our future. Let’s make choices to follow Jesus, do things His way as we yield to His directions. Before long we’ll be out of the dead-end places of life and we’ll be closer to our victory than ever before.


I am the light of the world.
No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness
I provide plenty of light to live in.
John 8:12

Have you ever stumbled around in the night looking for a light switch? It’s hard not to bang & bump into things that can’t be seen. It’s very difficult to remember exactly where everything is and so much noise is produced that everyone is woken up. If only there was a small amount of light so that things would become so much easier. Once we have some light things becomes visible and are easily found. Peace & tranquillity return quickly.

This week’s verse reminds us that Jesus is the true light that we must value in our life. Without Jesus people will clumsily stumble around in darkness trying to find their own way through life. But with Jesus we’re guaranteed there’s no stumbling, no darkness & plenty of light. As we follow Jesus, we live our lives His way: productive, purposeful and with peace & tranquillity.

There is plenty of light for our lives when we follow Jesus. There are no dark places where His light cannot shine & overcome [John 1:5]. His light never leaves or abandons us [Hebrews 13:5]. His light shines through our lives causing others to glorify God in Heaven [Matthew 5:16].So, this week let’s not stumble around in darkness. Instead let’s take this powerful promise from Jesus & enter fully into His Life of true light. As we follow Him & what He says in His Word, we’ll become sure-footed & stable. Our future will be visible and the road ahead will become so much more productive & purposeful being filled with His peace & tranquillity

Every Step I Take…

The LORD directs the steps of the Godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.
Psalm 37:23

It’s impossible to walk without taking a series of steps. If we just stand still, being inactive, we will remain stationary. Every step we take moves us closer & closer to our destination. The only way forward is to move & take steps heading towards our destination. If we’re unwilling to do this, we stagnate.

Today’s verse is chock-a-block full of wisdom for our future. It reminds us that God directs our steps. This means if we aren’t moving & taking steps forward in a Godly life, He has nothing to direct. If we’re unwilling to take steps of faith then our lives will begin to stagnate, eventually becoming stale & decrepit.

Once we’re moving with God directing our steps, we’re told that He delights in every detail of our lives. This means He’s mindful, attentive & protective of every detail of our life & He delight in them. But it all starts with us stepping forward in life allowing God to direct us as we do life His way.

This week let’s make sure we’re moving not standing still. Let’s choose an area of our life that seems to be stagnating and find God’s way to move forward in it. As we start making steps God will start directing them. In no time at all He’ll be delighting over them. The very area we were stagnating in will become the area He’s delighting in and our future will become so much greater than our past.

No Lack…

The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
Psalm 23:1

Have you ever heard someone cry “I’ve run out of… so now I can’t!” It’s possible for us to fail to complete something because of a lack of what’s necessary to finish it. That lack could be in any area. It could be resource, organization, patience, ability, ideas or even wisdom. The lack is the base cause of the failure. Bit a surplus would cause everything to be finished & completed.

Today’s verse lets us know how we can have more than enough to complete every task without lack. By having God as our shepherd, we’re set up for success. He leads, restores and guides us. He gives us good rest. Without Him as our shepherd we’d be unable to access & receive these vital & precious things. With Him we lack nothing.

Isaiah 33:6 tells us that Wisdom & knowledge are our stability. If we lack them then we’ll be unstable. When we’re unstable we’re unable to finish & complete what we need to. Knowledge can be gained through study, research and diligence. Wisdom on the other hand is different. James 1:5 says that we should ask God for Wisdom whenever we need it. When we ask Him, we’re told He’ll give it to us in abundance enabling us to complete what we need.

This week lets work on reducing lack in our lives. Let’s begin by gaining greater wisdom & knowledge that we can apply to each & every task we undertake. As we apply wisdom & knowledge the Lord our shepherd will ensure there is no lack. As we stay in His Word, doing things His way & receiving His wisdom lack will be but a memory & your future will be filled with provision & hope.

Be Easily Found…

God called to the Man: “Where are you?
Genesis 3:9

In God’s Garden Adam & Eve decided to do things their own way rather than God’s. They began to do what God had said not to. Afterwards we see that God had difficulty in finding them. God was searching & calling out for them. They’d always been easy to find but now it was proving difficult. If they’d continued doing things God’s way they would’ve been easily found.

Today’s verse captures the cry of God to His precious & unique creation of mankind. The reason for this cry is that we become difficult to find especially when we’re doing things our own way rather than His. When we aren’t doing things His way, we aren’t seeing things how He does and so we hide ourselves just like Adam & Eve. When we’re difficult to find it’s difficult for God to have a close relationship with us.

God’s Word & ways of doing things is the Bible. It simply shows what is best for us. When we follow what the Bible says we become a light on a hill that cannot be hidden [Matthew 5:14]. God’s way of doing things makes us easy for Him to locate, relate & communicate with us. If we stubbornly hide ourselves in selfishness, rebellion & ignorance we remain hidden and are hard to find.

This week let’s turn the light on. Instead of hiding let’s set our direction for the rest of the year. Let’s work towards doing things God’s way rather than our own. Let’s shine brilliantly and enjoy the intimacy of relationship that God has opened up to us. Let’s step into a relationship where He can locate, relate & communicate with us continually.

Get Started…

I am the Alpha & the Omega, the First & the Last, the Beginning & the End
Revelations 22:13

It’s impossible to finish something that’s never been started. A race cannot be won unless we leave the starting line. A cake cannot be baked unless we first gather the ingredients. A masterpiece cannot be painted without inspiration. If we have the right stuff at the beginning then the finished product will be better than expected.

Today’s verse is Jesus’ speaking. He’s letting us know how we can have fullness in everything we do. Whenever we include Jesus at the start of anything, He’ll help us carry it onto completion. He’ll stick with it all the way to the end [Philippians 1:6]. But if we decide not to embrace Jesus at the beginning we’ll be on our own. We’ll be responsible for the outcome, not Him.

January is the perfect time of the year to put Jesus into our New Year. Let’s include Him & His way of doing things into every project, task & test we face. Remembering that Jesus will never fail or abandon us [Hebrews 13:5]. Now, it’s easy for us to make excuses & have reasons why we can’t, but let’s be intentional & deliberate this year and just make it happen.

In the weeks ahead let’s get this year off to the right start. Let’s not concern ourselves with our already failed New Year’s resolutions instead let’s be intentional & deliberate about including Jesus in everything instead. Let’s make sure we’re doing things His way & not ours. In no time at all we’ll be looking back over this year exclaiming how glad we are that we included Jesus & did things His way.

A New Song…

Sing God a brand-new song!
Psalm 96:1

Sometimes listening to the radio can get frustrating. It seems like every station is playing the same music, the same songs and the same playlist. It becomes so repetitive that people will often simply switch off. As soon as they release a new playlist with new songs everyone listens, engages and remains interested.

In today’s verse the psalmist reminds us that we must sing a brand-new song to God. Singing a new song will take our decision to stop singing the same old ones. Singing a new song will take effort, thought & learning but the result is well worth it. Our brand-new song will help build our future rather than force us to disconnect, stagnate & live in our past.

Some folk get stuck in life singing “the blues”. Everything that exits their mouth is about their worries, concerns and fears. That won’t change the future. A brand-new song for a brand New Year can. Now is the perfect time to develop a new song with new music and a new playlist. A song that God wants to listen to. One that’ll get Him interest & engaged with our lives.

This week let’s cause a new sound & a new song to come from our lips. Let’s do it for the upcoming New Year. Let’s remember that God understands & listens to every single sound we sing. Let’s make it a new song that’s filled with possibilities rather than pain. Let’s make it a song that’s filled with faith rather than failure. A new song about our new life rather than our past or present prisons. As we sing our brand-new song to God our future will become more than we could ask or hope. [Ephesians 3:20]