Stop The Talk…

For the dream comes through much effort and the voice of a fool through many words
Ecclesiastes 5:3

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who just won’t stop talking? They hardly even take a breath as they expound all their knowledge & opinion on just about everything that exists. In time you discover that all they do is talk and never really achieve anything.

Today’s verse calls these people fools. It doesn’t call them this because they talk a lot but rather because they don’t put effort into the things they’re talking about. They’re hoping you’ll make it all happen for them as they unfurl in words every part of their dream. This isn’t God’s way of making a dream happen.

Every dream that God gives us will take more than talk to achieve. It will take much effort, which means lots of hard work. It’s OK to talk about your dream but in the end, God gave you the dream and you’re going to have to put in the hard work to make it happen. If not, then the dream will die as it does in the mouth of a fool.

This week let’s make our God Dreams flourish. Rather than foolishly talking about it lets actually make something good happen for the dream. If your dream is to write a book then this week write a chapter. If it’s a song write the chorus. If it’s a business register the name. If it’s travel book a ticket and if its marriage then invite someone out for a coffee. Whatever the dream is that God’s given you make something happen for it this week and it’ll grow and become stronger than ever before!

Copy This…

So give yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will run away from you
James 4:7

A mimic is someone who copies the behaviour, speech or actions of another person. In the right setting this can be humorous & entertaining. But if we mimic the wrong thing or behaviour, we quickly pick up bad habits that become difficult to eradicate from our life. When we mimic the good then our life improves.

Today’s verse tells us to simply mimic God rather than the devil. It lets us know that when we do this, a very powerful thing happens: THE DEVIL RUNS AWAY FROM US. That’s right if you mimic God’s Word in your behaviour, the devil will RUN FROM YOU! Now this sounds like the perfect pastime to get involved in.

To be able to mimic someone we need to study them very closely. It’s very sad that some people are so good at mimicking the devil because the devil is all they’ve ever seen. We have God. When we surrender [or give ourselves] to God and start acting like His Word says the devil hightails it away from our lives.

This week let’s put running shoes onto the devil. Begin by finding just one verse in your Bible that you would like to activate in your life & then mimic [take on the same behaviour, speech & actions] as your verse says. In no time at all the devil will be running away from you and if you keep it up, he will not return.  

Stolen Treasures…

A thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy
John 10:10

A thief doesn’t steal something that has no value. The thief always takes the precious things leaving the worthless stuff behind. If an item has any value at all they’ll pick it up, take possession of it with absolutely no intention of ever returning it.

Today’s verse lets us know about the thief. He’s not a robber who steals by force, threat or violence. He’s called a thief & thieves steal secretly without force. Our thief doesn’t want just your worldly wealth he’s in pursuit of everything of value that God has given you both natural & spiritual.

God entrusts us all with great spiritual gifts, vision & dreams that have more eternal value than all the gold, silver & gems that we could gather. The thief tries to secretly steal, kill & destroy them so that the work of the God doesn’t progress here on earth. Many times, he’s successful because our eyes tend to focus on the gold & silver rather than on the true gems of God’s Kingdom.

This week let’s be watchful for the thief. If our God dream is in his sights then let’s guard it. If our spiritual gifts are being attacked lets not allow them to die. Don’t allow the God given to be destroyed. As we are vigilant & on guard the thief cannot enter and so he’s unable to steal, kill or destroy from us any longer. We can take the God treasures in our life & build our God future.

A Great Memory…

“The Lord will remember for you all your offerings and He will accept your burnt sacrifices” 
Psalm 20:3

A great quote & key to life that we discovered many years ago was: “Never forget what God remembers.” Our soul can remember lots of stuff but it remembers certain things better than others. It remembers we should eat when it should be reminding us to exercise. It remembers us of all the betrayals, offenses & hurts rather than the freedom & future God has for us. Our soul remembers a lot but it also forgets many things.

Today’s verse says that God remembers some things for us. We’re told that He remembers ALL OUR OFFERINGS. Reflect on that thought for a moment. How many offerings have we made to God in our life? Well, God remembers every single one, no matter how small or how massive it was. In simple terms He’s keeping account of every single offering for us & for our future.

Whether our offerings were 5 cents or $50,000 God’s seen them, He’s remembered them and He’s multiplying them as a harvest into our future. They’ll be ready for us at the exact time they’re needed even if we’ve forgotten about them. A sad fact is that some believers have never made an offering and this means God has nothing to remember & nothing to multiply back to their lives in a time of need.

This week why not do something that God will remember by making an offering to your local Church, Pastor or ministry. It could be some of your time, finances or even a physical gift to the House of God; His Church. Whatever we do God will see it, He’ll remember it and He’ll multiply it back to our future just like He says He will in His Word.

Happiness Is…

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice! 
Philippians 4:4

Everyone has happy days and sad days. Of course, we all like happy days and really enjoy the gladness that they bring. Even in the midst of very challenging days we can still experience great joy, happiness & contentment. It’s actually the best way to live and it’s possible to accomplish.

Today’s verse focuses on the fact that you and I should be rejoicing. This means that we shouldn’t expect life to be sad, mournful and sorrowful. We need to make a firm decision that if God’s Words says rejoice then rejoicing is exactly what we’ll be doing. It’s actually so important that this verse tells us twice that we should rejoice.

Now, rejoice means to be glad, calmly happy, joyful & thriving. We’re meant to be this way at all times and forevermore. Every day anxiety, fear and oppression try to suck joy from our lives. When we experience these times it’s vital that we gather our thoughts together & then focus clearly on what the Lord has done, and is doing, for us. Correct focus will cause us to rejoice and it’ll make the enemy back off quickly.

This week let’s make a list that contains some of the great things God has done in our lives; things that cause us to rejoice in Him. Carry that list with you and when anxiety, fear or oppression tries to come against you use it to rejoice in the Lord. Before long we’ll be living a life that’s glad, calmly happy, joyful and thriving.

The Loan Trap…

“Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender” 
Proverbs 22:7

God is acutely interested in every area of our life. His care extends to the natural, spiritual & even relational realms. Our Bible offers immense wisdom & understanding on how we should act in every realm of life. It also offers powerful keys as to what we should, and should not do, to gain success.

Today’s verse provides us with wisdom about how we should act in the financial realm. We’re told that a borrower will always be a servant to the lender & that the lender will rule, or have control, over the borrower. Therefore, borrowing money has the potential to relieve money problems in our lives but will end with the lender having dominion & power rather than God.

Now, our verse doesn’t say that borrowing money is wrong or a sin. It simply says that we’re to be mindful that whenever we borrow, we come under the control of the lender whether we like it or not. This is a spiritual principle so it doesn’t matter how large or small the loan, a lender will always rule and cause the borrower to be a servant. We’re called to be servants of God. not servants of lenders! So, it’s time to get free. 

Today is a great day to start making good financial plans for a better future. Rather than constantly borrowing money why not set a plan to pay off debts and get free from the lenders control. Before long we’ll each be experiencing greater times of intimacy & relationship with our God as He becomes the source of everything we need in life.

A Reason For Confidence…

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God” 
Psalm 20:7

Have you ever seen the chariot race in the classic movie “Ben Hur”? There’s so much going on with horses, chariots and people. Everybody’s trusting in the horses & chariots and some of them meet very grisly ends. They have plenty of power but we’re definitely not meant to put our trust in them.

Today’s verse is a timely reminder for us to trust in the Name of the Lord and nothing else. It’s easy to see powerful personalities, corporations or identities & decide to place our trust in them and on what they say. But it will only lead us to a grisly end. We must put our whole trust In God, His Word & His Name.

This verse also reminds us that it’s only “some” who put their trust in the wrong things. We, as bible believing Christians, know that the things of this world are temporal [2 Corinthians 4:18, James 4:14]. So why would we put our trust in something that is going to vanish. We will trust the Lord!

This week let’s take time aside to make valued decisions based upon God’s Word. If we discover our trust has been misplaced onto worldly things let’s make adjustments and bring life back into line with His Word by trusting in Him. As we do, life will become less grisly and more enjoyable. Our future will be so much brighter and life will flourish again.

Don’t Go Bananas…

“When problems of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.” 
James 1:2

Have you ever noticed that problems are like bananas; they turn up in bunches. As soon as we see one, we start seeing them everywhere. At times there seems so many problems that there’s no way out. The truth is that our Bible provides great keys on how to deal with every problem that comes our way.

Today’s verse helps to equip our future to flourish. James says that problems will come our way and there’s no escaping that. He further explains that a problem is only ever a problem if we see it as a problem. If we look at them from God’s point of view, we’ll see them as opportunities that can produce great joy rather than barriers to our future.

In the following verses James shows us that every problem provides us with an opportunity to grow. We may think, “Why do I have so many problems?” without realizing that we’re standing in the greatest place to apply God’s Word, grow & enter into a season of great Joy. But if all we see are the problems, then the problems are all we’ll have.

This week let’s look at every problem that comes our way as an opportunity to grow. Let’s stop seeing our problems as negatives. Rather, let’s take a little time to speak God’s Word to each one and then apply our faith & patience to the situation. Before long we’ll enter a place of great joy and problems will no longer hinder our future or our happiness.

Go Strong…

“The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” 
2 Chronicles 16:9

Have you ever misplaced something and then gone looking for it? You search everywhere you’ve been and in every place that it may be hidden. Your eyes methodically search until you eventually locate it. Once found it can be used for what it was intended.

Today’s verse shows us that God’s eyes search the whole earth looking for something precious. He is on a quest to find exactly what He’s looking for. He’s seeking out those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. When he finds these treasures, He strengthens them.

Whenever we’re feeling a little weak, we must remember that The Lord is searching for us. He wants to give us an infusion of strength but first our hearts must be fully set on Him. This means we’re committed to His Word & His ways no matter what things look like in the natural. When He discovers this He starts soaking us in the strength that only He can give.

Today let’s check our hearts. It’s the perfect time to ensure that we are committed to His Word & that we’re following His way of doing things. This opens up the channels of strength to flow from heaven to us. This week don’t hide away in rebellion or disobedience to God. Yield to His Word, walk in His ways and before long you’ll be feeling Him strengthening you like never before


Let the peace of God act as umpire continually in your hearts deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds. 
Colossians 3:15

A game of tennis played by seasoned & professional players is often a captivating and exciting experience. I reckon that the unsung hero of every game is the humble umpire. He has to make the hard calls, face the pleadings of the players and is often left with scorn from the crowd. Regardless he carries out his role and ensures that things are kept in order.

Today’s verse tells us about an unsung hero in our lives. It’s the peace of God. It acts as the umpire between our hearts and our mind. These 2 areas seem to experience the greatest amount of trouble & conflict so it’s comforting to know that God has help available to us.

The umpire always stays independent of the players. No matter how angry or sad they get he calls the game as it is played. In a similar way God’s peace doesn’t favour either the heart or the mind. It sides with the Word of God. If it comes down to a tiebreaker between them, then what God’s Word says is where God’s peace will settle and that decision is final.

This week allow the peace of God to become the umpire of your life and sort out the battle between your heart & mind. Simply open up God’s Word, read it and allow the peace of heaven to settle the situation. Like any other skill allowing peace to umpire in our lives takes a little practice. But our lives can never improve unless we allow peace to become the umpire.