Rise up…

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like the yeast a woman used in making bread.”
Matthew 13:33

Now I’m sure we’ve all seen the work that yeast does when we make bread. We put a very small amount in the mixture and in no time it has permeated the whole thing. Yeast doesn’t stop its work there though. It then begins to expand and stretch the dough until it is ready for baking.

Today’s verse tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven, or more simply God’s way of doing things, works like yeast. We only need to introduce a little into our lives and before long every area of our life is influenced by it. We begin feeling ourselves being stretching & expanded in God as it does its perfect work.

People often ask how to grow in God. The answer is to simply pick a truth from God’s Word and then obey it. Allow it into your life so it can begin working just like yeast. It will cause your life to grow & expand in God as well as bringing good change to so many other areas as well.

This week why not do this for yourself. Open up your bible and locate a truth from God’s Word that you would like in your life. Do exactly what the bible says to receive it. Then allow it to commence working in your life like yeast. Before long the Kingdom of Heaven will be permeating every part of you and you’ll be growing in God like never before. It’s a simple process that has a powerful result.