The Touch of God…

Move your heart closer and closer to God, and He will come even closer to you
James 4:8

Some people like to be close to nature so they move to the country. Some like to be close to shopping, entertainment & people so they move to the city. Some enjoy the ocean so they move closer enjoying the many benefits that beaches offer. No matter what we like, we must move to be close to what we love.

Today’s verse lets us know we need to move our hearts if we want to be close to God. This means we must bring our hearts near and join them to God’s ways rather than ours. Whenever we move our hearts closer and closer to God, He comes even closer to us. The closer we get; God gets even closer. But that’s not all, there’s even more.

When translated from the Aramaic our verse continues on to say “and He will be touching you.” That’s right, God wants to get so close to us that He touches our lives. If we’ve ever needed a touch from God then today’s verse tells us exactly how to get it. It’s by moving our hearts closer and joining them to God’s way of doing things. As we do this God closes in on us until He is touching us.

This week let’s purposely move our hearts closer & closer to God until He touches us. No matter what area needs a God touch find it in His Word, make decisions that line up with it and then keep moving your heart closer & closer until He touches you. Always remember that we move first, then God moves closer, and our future is forever changed.