Your Special Delivery…

Your work will be rewarded
Jeremiah 31:16

Have you ever been waiting for a parcel, package or special delivery to arrive? We know it’s been sent; we know it’s due for delivery but it’s not with us yet. We wait expectantly for the delivery person to arrive so we can receive what we need. Waiting can seems like an eternity but eventually the delivery arrives & we have it.

Today’s verse lets us know about a special delivery that’s coming to us. We’re told that our work will be rewarded. All our labour, toil, actions & faithfulness will produce a result and we’ll be rewarded for it. Hopefully our work is faithfully directed in goodness towards God, His church and people. If not, then our reward may fall short of our expectations and we’ll be disappointed. If directed correctly our work will produce the intended result and we’ll be full of happiness, joy & hope.

What is the key to surviving the wait? The answer is held in the earlier part of this verse. It says not to weep & cry while we wait. In other words, we are to stay in faith, keep our words, conversations and hearts right. We are to be sure that our reward has been dispatched, it’s on its way and it is going to arrive.

This week let’s ensure that the reward we’re receiving from our work will be worth getting. Let’s not work & labour against God and his Word rather let’s work with goodness towards God, His church & people so our reward will be great and well worth receiving. Remember always that God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him. [Hebrews 11:6]