Love never fails
1 Corinthians 13:8

Can you remember someone who showed you love when you thought you didn’t deserve it? This expression of love sticks as a memory and a feeling long after the circumstances surrounding it have faded away. We remember the person and we remember the love shown. It is impossible to forget. This expression of love forms a powerful and permanent memory.

Today’s verse tells us why this is. Paul lets us know that true love can never ever fail. In other words, love can be dependable. When love is unconditionally given as a gift it will always lift up, put right and lighten even the heaviest of hearts. Agape love is the fail proof way to build, repair & restore every relationship we have. True love will always protect, always trust, always hope and always preserve. Love is something that we each possess but it must be given away so it does not fail.

Whenever we give unconditional love to others, we produce a fail proof change in their life. This effect can last far beyond today; it can become a blessing to future people & generations. But if we selfishly withhold our love, doing nothing with it, we’ll ultimately see lives of failure & hurt rather than success & blessing.

This week let’s make our agape love work passionately in someone else’s life. After all Matthew 5:26 says we get a reward for loving the unlovely. So let’s take some of our love and give it away to someone desperately in need of it. In no time at all it will lift them up, put them right and lighten their heavy heart. It will build protection, trust and hope around them. It will preserve & strengthen them and it will cause us to live a rewarded life.