Pick Up Your Faith…

Why are you gripped with fear? Where is your faith?
Matthew 8:26

Have you ever grabbed quickly for something and selected the wrong item? Often when we do this we’ll end up with mismatched socks, different shoes or even a product that we really didn’t want. It’s not that the right item wasn’t available, it’s the fact that we grabbed in a rush and ended up gripping the wrong thing.

In today’s verse Jesus’ disciples had the same problem. They were out on a boat with Jesus when a storm arose. They grabbed fear rather than faith. Jesus then demonstrates how to still the storm by picking up faith and using it correctly. It wasn’t that the disciples didn’t know. It’s that they grabbed fear in that moment and fear can never silence a storm. It’s an easy mistake that many believers make.

As we go through the storms of life, we need to ensure that we continually pick up faith rather than fear. We can’t allow circumstances to drive us into making pressured decisions. Instead, we should slow down, connect with God’s Word and then grip onto faith. In the same way Jesus calmed the storm through faith, is the same way we can. Faith enables us to calm every storm.

This week let’s grip onto faith no matter how violent or unexpected the storm is. When we grip faith & never let it go, we can re-establish peace in our lives. If we grab a hold of fear by mistake let’s take it to Jesus and exchange it for true faith. He’ll stand with us, help us and ensure we make it through. Before long we’ll be on the other side standing in victory & strength holding fast to this truth.