His House…

I’m asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with him in his house my whole life long
Psalm 27:4

Some people live in one house their whole life. Others move constantly from one place to another. It’s a choice we make as to where we want to live. It may be for practical, theoretical or spiritual reasons. Some places are better & more enjoyable to live than others. Some places capture our heart and live long in our memories.

Today’s verse gives us insight into where King David wanted to live. He was not always King & he didn’t do everything right but his passion was to be in God’s House continually. This passion remained with him throughout his whole life. It absorbed him completely. Many obstacles stood before him but his fiery passion for God’s House ensured he would always have victory.

David’s life was one of constant movement, transition and change. No matter where he found himself his passion was focused on building God’s House and making it great. His heart was to stick & stay with God’s House, so he could grow and go further. When our hearts are the same as David’s we’ll grow and go further as well.

This week let’s determine what we can do to make God’s house, the Church, great. What can we do to express our passionate love for Him better in our congregation? What is the one thing that we can do that will cause others to flourish? When we find that thing let’s do it, rather than leave it for someone else to accomplish. As we stick and stay with it, we’ll soon discover ourselves growing and going further than we ever thought we could.