Location, Location…

Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord
Jeremiah 17:7

A golden rule in real estate investment is “location, location, location”. In other words where a property is located is often more valuable than the bricks & mortar that make up the building. The best house in a bad location is seldom as valuable as the worst house in the best location. The better the location, the better the return on the investment.

Today’s verse lets us know the prime location that will produce the best return from our lives. That location is always trusting in God. The previous verses in Jeremiah 17 let us know some of the perils of trusting in man & flesh. Psalm 20:7 also reminds us to put our trust in God and nothing else. As we trust God, investing into this prime location, we’ll become blessed and our future will be changed.

Choosing to trust in ourselves, our own strength & way of doing things is investing in the wrong location. This location can’t produce the promised blessing no matter how hard we try. We must trust in God and His way of doing things to enter into a life that is blessed, abundant & generous.

This week let’s not allow God’s promise of an amazing future to elude us any longer. Let’s take the rule of “location, location, location” and cause it to produce blessings in our lives. Let’s start by selecting 3 areas in life where we have been struggling to make it work in our own strength & our own way. Then trust these 3 areas to God releasing & allowing Him to lead us to our victory. In no time at all we’ll be one who trusts in the Lord and is abundantly Blessed.