Be Easily Found…

God called to the Man: “Where are you?
Genesis 3:9

In God’s Garden Adam & Eve decided to do things their own way rather than God’s. They began to do what God had said not to. Afterwards we see that God had difficulty in finding them. God was searching & calling out for them. They’d always been easy to find but now it was proving difficult. If they’d continued doing things God’s way they would’ve been easily found.

Today’s verse captures the cry of God to His precious & unique creation of mankind. The reason for this cry is that we become difficult to find especially when we’re doing things our own way rather than His. When we aren’t doing things His way, we aren’t seeing things how He does and so we hide ourselves just like Adam & Eve. When we’re difficult to find it’s difficult for God to have a close relationship with us.

God’s Word & ways of doing things is the Bible. It simply shows what is best for us. When we follow what the Bible says we become a light on a hill that cannot be hidden [Matthew 5:14]. God’s way of doing things makes us easy for Him to locate, relate & communicate with us. If we stubbornly hide ourselves in selfishness, rebellion & ignorance we remain hidden and are hard to find.

This week let’s turn the light on. Instead of hiding let’s set our direction for the rest of the year. Let’s work towards doing things God’s way rather than our own. Let’s shine brilliantly and enjoy the intimacy of relationship that God has opened up to us. Let’s step into a relationship where He can locate, relate & communicate with us continually.