Good God People…

Psalm 100:5 “For the LORD is good and his love endures forever”

Everybody loves a good person who does good things. Around Christmas time we focus on the good that people do and we try to do good ourselves. Christmas is also a time of giving gifts as we express our love and generosity to each other in celebrating the greatest gift of all – Jesus!

Today’s verse reminds us that God is good and has everlasting love for each of us. We are each capable of doing good and being generous because we’re made in the image and likeness of God [Genesis 1]. Without God we’re incapable of being good, loving or generous. It is the God that is in us that makes us this way.

Now, it’s easy to forget that God is good. Many things each day try to steal our focus and rob us of this fact. The great English preacher of the 1800’s Charles Spurgeon said it this way “Christian, remember the good of God in the frost of adversity.” This is such a powerful quote!

Many believers hit adversity and rather than seeking out the goodness of God they freeze Him out of their lives. They rebelliously pursue their own greed and lust that ultimately leads to their own destruction. The key to winning over adversity is to pursue the goodness of God at all times. Always remembering that God loves us, He is for us and He is not against us.

This Christmas why not give ourselves a gift of love. No matter what happens in our day let’s find the goodness of God in each situation. As we do we’ll also find His enduring heart of love that will beat in unison with ours. What seemed like frosty adversity will melt with His eternal love and we’ll always remember that GOD IS GOOD!