Integrities Direction…

“The integrity of the upright will guide them…”
Proverbs 11:3

On life’s journey we get to know people who are outstanding symbols of living a good life. Even when they’re attacked from every side they stand strong and keep making great Godly decisions. People are attracted to there overcoming lifestyle & attempt to understand how they built this strength. The simple answer is always through integrity.

Today’s verse instructs us that integrity will be the guide of our life. If we don’t have it we’ll become lost and eventually destroyed. With it we become stable, sure and a guiding light to others. Remember that as we make the hard decisions in life, in line with God’s Word, we forge our integrity. As we stay true to His Word and stop compromising, our path ahead will become easier to navigate.

Integrity is the very thing that makes a person outstanding. It is also the thing that many people overlook. Integrity includes being honest and having strong moral principles but, to a Christian, it means so much more. We build Integrity by knowing and standing upon God’s Word regardless of the circumstances. We must always ensure that we do what we say, making our word our bond in every situation.

This week why not find another Christian that you admire, come along side of them and allow the Holy Spirit to train you up to a higher level of integrity. Don’t be concerned if it seems a little hard at times. Make a decision now to stay the course and build your future on this essential trait. Before you know it you’ll be navigating life with ease and others will be drawn to you.